Socialite Private Patio Shared with Socialite II

The Socialite Suite I — Millicent Rogers

The “Standard Oil Heiress,” Millicent Rogers was a prominent New York socialite. She arrived in Taos in 1947 with a broken heart following the demise of her relationship with Clark Gable. The scenic beauty and Native American culture in Taos served to inspire Rogers. Known as a fashion icon, jewelry designer, and art collector, Rogers was captivated by the intricate detailing of Native American jewelry. She became a prominent collector, and an advocate and proponent of American Indian rights. She successfully lobbied Washington D.C. for Native American art to be classified as historic and, therefore, protected. Millicent gifted Taos with a strong legacy of art, design, and craftsmanship. Guests are encouraged to view a large collection of artwork at the Millicent Rogers Museum.

The Socialite Suite is one of the luxury Taos suites that sets the Palacio de Marquesa aside from other hotels in Taos, New Mexico and other Taos, New Mexico accommodations.
MILLICENT ROGERS PORTRAIT Custom Illustration by Audrey Bell

The Socialite Suite I Features:

  • King canopy bed
  • Large gas-log fireplace flanked by leather wing back chairs
  • Arched picture window faces patio fountains and flower beds
  • Separate entrance area
  • Hardwood floor
  • Shares private walled patio with Socialite Suite II
  • Separate breakfast, dining area shared with Socialite Suite II
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