Palacio de Marquesa A Retreat, A Tribute, A Sanctuary
Palacio de Marquesa is a luxury Taos hotel offering visitors a beautiful retreat in the mountains of northern New Mexico. The eclectic town beckons to artists, innovators and those seeking an escape to find themselves. Palacio de Marquesa is surrounded by magnificent natural features including Taos Mountain and the Rio Grande Gorge, adding to our reputation as a haven for vacationers seeking outdoor recreation, Taos attractions, and more. The rich and diverse history of Taos is largely defined by the Native American and Spanish cultures. The Native American community at Taos Pueblo has lived in their village for nearly a millennium. The Pueblo is the oldest continuously inhabited community in the United States.

Beautiful Historic Taos A Homage to Women Artists

Taos Homage to Women Artists

The natural and cultural beauty of Taos began drawing artists in the early 1900s. A number of very notable women artists settled in Taos. The fabric of the stories of the Taos community was woven by notable women including Millicent Rogers, Mabel Dodge Luhan, Agnes Martin, Georgia O’Keeffe and others who were attracted to the area. The design concept of our luxury hotel in Taos pays tribute to the remarkable stories of the women of Taos. The spirit, drive, innovation and contributions of several extraordinary women are represented in the timeless design and refined sophistication of Palacio de Marquesa.