Matriarch Room

A writer, social activist, and art aficionado, Mabel Dodge Luhan was a Taos institution. She is celebrated for her key role in building artistic communities, supporting artists, and generating interest in modern art forms, in addition to her own artistic accomplishments. She was responsible for enticing many of the most prominent artists and thinkers to Taos, including D. H. Lawrence, Aldous Huxley, Willa Cather, Martha Graham, Ansel Adams, Carl Jung, Georgia O’Keeffe, and many others. For these artists and many others, her Taos home was both a spiritual oasis and retreat.  

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Matriarch Suite

Today, visitors can visit and attend artist workshops at the Mable Dodge Luhan House, which is a national historic landmark in Taos. Guests can also read several of Luhan’s writings including “Winter in Taos,” “Intimate Memories,” and “Lorenzo in Taos.” The Matriarch Suite is the largest of the Taos suites in our luxury Taos hotel. It features a private, walled backyard patio. Beautiful beamed ceilings and wooden floors give the room a cozy Taos feeling. The living room has a large kiva-style fireplace and a motorized, operable skylight.